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Monthly Archive: February 2014

wednesday’s who ~ Mitch Albom Part II

It is to my greatest dismay that I wasn’t able to meet Mr. Mitch Albom in person. 🙁 I know it was a chance of a lifetime and I just let it pass me by. It’s not everyday that a best-selling author takes his time to visit our country. It’s not everyday that one of my favorite writers is just a bus ride away! I know I missed a lot. Being the one who wrote those stories that touched and enlightened me, I knew I have to see him and express my gratitude and support for what he is doing. And let him know that he’s making a difference and that he should continue doing so.


tuesday tunes ~ Take Me As I Am by Tonic


I want to roll my darkness into a million suns
I need to find forgiveness when all the pain is done
I want to hear I’m sorry, I want to let you go
I have to find my own life, I want to learn to grow…

Fear falls down like rain
And it makes me whole again
Fear falls like rain…

– Take Me As I Am by Tonic

Album : Head On Straight

A Casual Affair: The Best of Tonic



monday musing ~ updating my list.

Today, I just realized one thing: the world is a vast place and there are so many explorations to be done. While doing these researches that occupy my simple and humble existence nowadays, I keep on stumbling upon Bucket List materials that I think I have to update my list or better yet, make a new one. How I would turn them into reality is a big mystery to me but I believe having the list ready is a great way to get started. 😉 Here are some of these must-do’s.


thursday thought ~ a new morning…

Everyday is a new day to live the life you always dreamed of. Everyday is a new chance to make  things better. It is a new gift to be opened, a new surprise to be unraveled. A new beautiful morning to start finding your life’s true purpose…

image from web

tuesday tunes ~ Question Everything by 8 stop 7


Everything exists ‘tween black and white
You can twist and distort the most blatant of lies
Or just offer up solutions practiced only in your mind
I lost half my life to wisdom
So forgive me if I come off sounding bitter
If my words push you away
If I seem surprised to see you lying here in front of me
Just consider what you’re asking and give me a little time
I’m still having trouble breathing ’cause up to now I’ve never seen you cry


– Question Everything by 8 stop 7

Album:  In Moderation


monday musing ~ Back To Basics

I love browsing my old notebooks and rereading my old notes whenever I have the abundance of time. Today, while trying to pass my time, I came across with this beautiful treasure scribbled on one of the pages of my quotable notebook. And I believe it is worth sharing.

I couldn’t remember where I copied this from. Must be from an article in a newspaper or magazine or maybe from another book. At that time I had no idea that All I Ever Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten is actually a book. I haven’t read the book but judging from this excerpt, I think the book is brilliant. So let’s go back to Kindergarten and relearn what we always have known but tend to forget. Most of the time, this is just all we need…