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Monthly Archive: February 2014

tuesday tunes ~ Heart In Hand by Vertical Horizon

I stopped believing
A long time ago
And it’s you I keep seeing
And I won’t let you go…


Pictures and photographs
Memories and windows
Goodbyes and epitaphs
Heartbeats and hellos…


– Heart In Hand by Vertical Horizon

Albums :  Running on Ice and Live Stages



Belated Happy Birthday, Matt!


monday musing ~ Hurray! Postcards are here!

Another project that I started this year is post-crossing! Thanks to my sister for encouraging me and making it possible for me to participate in swaps. I love photography and collecting photos from around the world is something I am really looking forward to. I love traveling and learning a thing or two about different places. And since I don’t have enough opportunities to travel, post-crossing is the next best thing. It is also a great way to promote our country and let the whole world know about the Philippines and its beauty and wonder.  I recommend post-crossing to everyone.


thursday thought ~ i am grateful.

Today I am grateful for everything that is happening in my life. I am grateful for new realizations. I am grateful for the people who never gave up on me and still believe in me. I am grateful for friends who never forget. I am grateful for the stumbling downs and opportunities to grow. I am grateful for these moments of peace and solitude. I am grateful for that tap on my back. I am grateful for you…

image by Ms. Karen Salmansohn

on my shelf ~ Tuesdays With Morrie

“… love is how you stay alive, even after you are gone.”

                                                                     – Mitch Albom’s Tuesdays With Morrie

Tuesdays with Morrie is a book about life. If there is a textbook written about living life, this must be it! A guide to probing life in a different perspective. A compass towards a new direction. It answers a lot of questions we rarely ask due to busyness. The pages are filled with life’s great lessons, with an old man’s wisdom and a young man’s questions.


tuesday tunes ~ As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B. Hawkins

It felt like spring time on this February morning
In a courtyard birds were singing your praise
I’m still recalling things you said to make me feel alright
I carry them with me today
Now as I lay me down to sleep
This I pray
That you will hold me dear
Though I’m far away
I’ll whisper your name into the sky
And I will wake up happy…

– As I Lay Me Down by Sophie B. Hawkins



video from Youtube

monday musing ~ seven years…

It’s been seven years
seven years of missing you
seven years of wishing that you were still here with us
seven years of longing for something that cannot be
seven years of crying involuntarily
whenever melancholy visits me,
whenever I can’t take things anymore.

It’s been seven years
seven years of painful silence
seven years of battling this war against sadness
seven years of surviving this chaos of loneliness
seven years of still calling your name
whenever i think about you,
whenever there’s no one else to turn to.