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Monthly Archive: June 2014

monday musing ~ my cat and mouse affair with peace.

Could you stay for a while? I’ve been chasing you for so long now and I never thought I could find you here. I almost lost all the hopes, the urge to move forward, the intention of finding you amidst all these chaos and pretenses. I almost gave up on believing, on anticipating a realization of a dream, on expecting something better.


wednesday’s who ~ Someone who came unexpectedly and disappeared without further ado

False Alarm

Well I guess I was wrong again, for the Nth time
Tried to look beyond and I ignored the signs
Too hasty in my judgment, the warnings I refused to heed
Expecting something beautiful, I was mislead
Too overwhelmed by the encounter, I was deluded with my own misconceptions
Wanting to make it last, I failed to recognize behind the deceptions
It was my fault I trusted so easily
It was a mistake I believed undoubtedly


tuesday tunes ~ Sick Cycle Carousel by Lifehouse

If shame had a face i think it would kind of look like mine,
if it had a home would it be my eyes,
would you believe me if i said i’m tired of this
now here we go now, one more time

– Sick Cycle Carousel by Lifehouse

Album : No Name Face


What can I say? This song is my song. And Jason Wade is my hero. 🙂 The first album No Name Face is one of my most favorite albums ever. I listen to it every now and then to recharge, to breathe some fresh air, to renew my spirit. It is a refuge I go to whenever I need one. A lifehouse, indeed.


video by Youtube

monday musing ~ breathe again.

Go on cry. Just let it go. I know how you feel. I’ve been there. So many times I lost counting. And there’s no point counting them anyway. Yeah, it hurts. It hurts like hell. And it wounded not just your heart but your soul as well. But you can live, believe me. You are stronger than you think you are. We all are.


thursday thought ~ life


Life is a journey. Have an adventurous, enlightening, and worth remembering trip. It isn’t a race so there’s no need to hurry. Instead, savor everyday, relish every moment and revel in life’s daily simple instances.


image from Facebook