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monday musing ~ why we write..

I really really love this one! Ain’t it too gorgeous? 🙂 And I hope to read some of Anais Nin’s works. It also made me wonder why people write, why I write. Why I keep on wasting ink, paper and precious time staring blankly  at the equally blank pages of my journal trying to squeeze this head for something sensible, or most of the time not-so-sensible, to write. So here are some  attempts at answering the question why we write? Some are my own very reasons and others are probable reasons why people love to write. Well, that is if Anais Nin’s logic is not reason enough to continue writing.


monday musing ~ a day in the zoo

I always wanted to go back to a zoo. It’s been ages ago since the last time I had the adventure of meeting these beautiful creatures. And last weekend my wish was granted. 🙂 It was random and was never planned. And we all enjoyed that one fine day in the zoo.


monday musing ~ a museum visited.

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to bond with my nephew and visit this cool museum. A perfect hang-out for kids where they can learn so much, Mind Museum provides a vast space for play and fun while stirring the young minds’ natural curiosity. It offers loads of stuffs that fascinate children and eventually will stimulate them to know more. Here are some of Mind Museum’s features that really got my nephew’s attention. And mine, too. 🙂


monday musing ~ updating my list.

Today, I just realized one thing: the world is a vast place and there are so many explorations to be done. While doing these researches that occupy my simple and humble existence nowadays, I keep on stumbling upon Bucket List materials that I think I have to update my list or better yet, make a new one. How I would turn them into reality is a big mystery to me but I believe having the list ready is a great way to get started. 😉 Here are some of these must-do’s.


monday musing ~ Hurray! Postcards are here!

Another project that I started this year is post-crossing! Thanks to my sister for encouraging me and making it possible for me to participate in swaps. I love photography and collecting photos from around the world is something I am really looking forward to. I love traveling and learning a thing or two about different places. And since I don’t have enough opportunities to travel, post-crossing is the next best thing. It is also a great way to promote our country and let the whole world know about the Philippines and its beauty and wonder.  I recommend post-crossing to everyone.