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tuesday tunes ~ Learning to Breathe by Switchfoot

I’m learning to breathe
I’m learning to crawl
I’m finding that You and You alone can break my fall
I’m living again, awake and alive
I’m dying to breathe in these abundant skies…

– Switchfoot, Learning to Breathe

Album : Learning to Breathe

This song is one of my personal fave from the band Switchfoot. I always listen to them whenever I need to give myself a good cry. And this particular song never fails to make my eyes wet with tears of gratitude, humility and something warm I couldn’t even give a name. So, just listen and enjoy the feeling it might rouse in you. 🙂

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tuesday tunes ~ Nolita Fairytale by Vanessa Carlton

I walk the streets with a song in my head
We ebb and we flow so
Got my toes on my pup at the foot of my bed
My heart always seems to know
Now take the glitz back, I want the soul instead
‘Cause I found some kind of fairytale

Vanessa Carlton, Nolita Fairytale

Album : Heroes and Thieves

Another great song from multitalented Vanessa Carlton. She never fails to make amazing songs with wonderful lyrics and beautiful music. This song reflects her evolution, musically and personally. It encapsulated her experiences, growth, realization and some revelations for the last two years of her life. Her Nolita Fairytale… I love this song. 🙂

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tuesday tunes ~ Run by Snow Patrol

To think I might not see those eyes
Makes it so hard not to cry
And as we say our long goodbye
I nearly do

– Snow Patrol, Run

Album : Final Straw

Another amazing song. This is a beautiful song and is one of my personal favorites. I really love the music and the lyrics is a real tearjerker. One great song.

video from Youtube

tuesday tunes ~ All Of The Stars by Ed Sheeran

So open your eyes and see
The way our horizons meet
And all of the lights will lead
Into the night with me
And I know these scars will bleed
But both of our hearts believe
All of these stars will guide us home

– Ed Sheeran, All Of The Stars

Album :  The Fault in Our Stars (Music from the Motion Picture)

A newly discovered song by Ed Sheeran from the soundtrack of the movie The Fault in Our Stars. It is such a beautiful and moving song. I love it.

video from Youtube

tuesday tunes ~ Snow on the Sahara by Anggun

If your hope scatter like the dust across your track
I’ll be the moon that shines on your path
The sun may blind our eyes, I’ll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara…
If that’s the only place where you can leave your doubts
I’ll hold you up and be your way out
And if we burn away, I’ll pray the skies above
For snow to fall on the Sahara…

– Anggun, Snow on the Sahara

Album : Snow on the Sahara

Another great song to get immersed in!

tuesday tunes ~ Counting Blue Cars by Dishwalla

Tell me all your thoughts on God
‘Cause I would really like to meet her
And ask her why we’re who we are.
Tell me all your thoughts on God
‘Cause I am on my way to see her
So tell me am I very far, am I very far now?

– Dishwalla, Counting Blue Cars

Album : Pet Your Friends

Another great song! Enjoy listening to Dishwalla!


video from Youtube

tuesday tunes ~ Sympathy by Goo Goo Dolls

And I wished for things that I don’t need
(All I wanted)
And what I chased won’t set me free
(It’s all I wanted)
And I get scared but I’m not crawlin’ on my knees

– Goo Goo Dolls, Sympathy

Album : Gutterflower

Another favorite song from a favorite band! Beautiful song.

video from Youtube

tuesday tunes ~ Imitation Of Life by R.E.M.

This lightning storm
This tidal wave
This avalanche, I’m not afraid.
C’mon, c’mon no one can see me cry.

– R.E.M., Imitation of Life

Album : Reveal

             In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988–2003

This is one of my personal favorite songs. Just sharing! 🙂


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tuesday tunes ~ The Space Between by Dave Mattews Band

The rain that falls splash in your heart
Ran like sadness down the window into your room
The space between our wicked lies
Is where we hope to keep safe from pain
Take my hand ’cause we’re walking out of here
Oh, right out of here, love is all we need, dear

– Dave Matthews Band, The Space Between

Album : Everyday

This is a wonderful song, the lyrics, the music, everything. 🙂 I love this song very much. Dave Matthews is a great musician and artist. Even the video was made artistically beautiful. Brilliant song.


video from Youtube

tuesday tunes ~ Brick by Ben Folds Five

She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly
Off the coast and I’m headed nowhere
She’s a brick and I’m drowning slowly…

– Ben Folds Five, Brick

Album : Whatever and Ever Amen


Another gem of a song. One of my personal favorites. The music is superb and timeless. Thanks to Ben Folds Five for this awesome song.


video from Youtube