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monday musing ~ Beautiful Madness

Wow, the sequel of Samurai X Live Action film is almost finished and I can’t contain my excitement. I can’t wait to watch the movie and see Kenshin and the whole gang again! I’m certain this will be as amazing as the first one.

Seeing my favorite anime in live action film reminds me of other anime’s I used to watch ages ago. Growing up, anime has been a huge part of my life. They were source of happiness then. They were source of some realizations and enlightenment.

There are unforgettable characters that really touched and affected me. One of them was Shinji from Neon Genesis Evangelion. He was a shy and quiet boy who was chosen to pilot an Evangelion despite the lack of training. As the story progressed, I learned to love his naivety, awkwardness and his silence. I kept watching as he dealt with his conflicts and his melancholy, as he unraveled his strength that’s been hiding behind his fears and insecurities, his courage that’s been covered by his fragility and vulnerability.

And remember Lime? She really made me happy then. Her character is so adorable and lovable. A child in everyone can relate to her. She’s like a sunshine that lightens everyone’s day and circumstance. Saber Marionette is a good anime.

How could I ever forget my obsession with Dennis Kurama, the Man-wolf?! I can’t believe I got the Ghost Fighter fever! I still have those playing cards I collected stashed in one of these drawers here in my room. I also keep those sketches given by friends and the ones, until now I’m having a hard time believing, I made myself. No, I don’t have any talent in that arena but this beautiful madness made me pick those pens up and draw. I don’t think I can ever do that again.

Of course, Kenshin Himura. What can I say? I love Kenshin so much! I don’t know why. Maybe it has something to do with his dark past and his struggle to live his new life. Or maybe it was his contradictions that make him an interesting character. Whatever it is, it doesn’t really matter.

But before all of this, there was Sailor Moon. The mother of all anime’s, Sailor Moon started it all. I was in high school when Tuxedo Mask started appearing mysteriously. I remember sharing my fascination for him with a friend and classmate. We were both crazy about Mamoru Chiba! J

No, I am not an otaku or something. I just share their penchant for these anime series. Maybe because somehow, despite the different world they’re living in, I can relate to the characters. I think what makes anime’s so appealing is the fact that no matter what they are and what they do, how they dress and how they act, they still reflect the core of human beings. That despite the outrageous outfit and out of this world circumstances, they feel the same just like us. They smile, they cry, they love.

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