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monday musing ~ updating my list.

Today, I just realized one thing: the world is a vast place and there are so many explorations to be done. While doing these researches that occupy my simple and humble existence nowadays, I keep on stumbling upon Bucket List materials that I think I have to update my list or better yet, make a new one. How I would turn them into reality is a big mystery to me but I believe having the list ready is a great way to get started. 😉 Here are some of these must-do’s.

1. Storm Watching in Tofino, Vancouver Island

    Aside from whale watching, which is number one on my Bucket List, Tofino is also a perfect place for storm watching. Because of its location and its proximity to Pacific Coast, storms are frequently observed above the waters near this area. Giant waves rolling, tides crushing and rainfall cleansing the forest. Nature’s wonders right in front of you that you have no choice but to revel in its magnificence. You can walk or puddle-jump in the rain or just enjoy the view from your room with the company of warm blanket and a hot cup of coffee. Hmmm. Sounds heavenly.


2. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) of Finland 

    This is another nature’s phenomenon that I wish to experience in this lifetime. It’s so mystical and magical and beautiful and exquisite and fascinating and enchanting and … I’m running out of adjectives! What I’m trying to say is, I have to see this. 🙂 And it just makes you sad to realize that countries aren’t made equal.


3. Michelangelo’s David at Galleria dell’Accademia Museum in Florence, Italy

   A man-made marvel this time, and what a marvel it is. Michelangelo’s David, the real one, is one of the finest masterpieces in the world. A marble of impeccable artistry and workmanship, it is an absolute must-see!


4. The mysterious Stonehenge of Wiltshire, England

    A mysterious ancient monument of massive stones erected in circular formation, Stonehenge raised so many questions that until now are left unanswered. Why it was built? There are so many theories about the purpose of its construction. It ranges from astronomy, to place of worship, to graveyard. Who constructed it and how did they manage to transport these huge rocks to form this amazing monument? Answers are still elusive but one fact is undeniable. This prehistoric artifact is a beautiful enigma.


5. The Giant Pandas in China

    This is actually an old-timer on my list and I don’t think it hurt to reiterate them. 🙂 Pandas are just too cute and I wish I could meet one someday. They look so cuddly and huggable.


6. Amsterdam, The Netherlands!

   What can I say? I want to see Amsterdam! All of it. No particular place to visit but the whole of it. The canals, windmills, the tulips, its architecture, the Anne Frank House and many more. I don’t know why but it became a fancy. Then I read The Fault In Our Stars by John Green and I fell in love with Amsterdam, hook, line and sinker!


7. Japan’s Cherry Blossoms (and Kimono!)

    Witnessing these beautiful sakuras bloom while exploring Japan is a lovely experience.


8. Castles and Highlands of Scotland

   Another must-see! These majestic castles are hundreds of years old and are living history. While those ancient rocks and range of hills and vast valleys are picture-perfect sceneries. 


9. Louvre Museum in Paris, France

    One of the world’s largest museum, Louvre is an artist’s haven. No I am not an artist but I love beautiful artworks and admire the artists behind them. I am an appreciator. 🙂 And I love the structure’s architectural design.


10. The Spirit Bear (Kermode Bear) of British Columbia, Canada

     I hope to be one of the chosen few who encountered this fascinating rarity. These spirit bears are black bears with a gene mutation that makes their fur white. They are rare and few, thus the name spirit bear. They are sighted in the wilderness of British Columbia, Canada.



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