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monday musing ~ why we write..

I really really love this one! Ain’t it too gorgeous? 🙂 And I hope to read some of Anais Nin’s works. It also made me wonder why people write, why I write. Why I keep on wasting ink, paper and precious time staring blankly  at the equally blank pages of my journal trying to squeeze this head for something sensible, or most of the time not-so-sensible, to write. So here are some  attempts at answering the question why we write? Some are my own very reasons and others are probable reasons why people love to write. Well, that is if Anais Nin’s logic is not reason enough to continue writing.

1. I enjoy writing. I do it, most of the time, because I want to. No other monumental reason behind it.

2. Sometimes, when I don’t have anyone to talk to, my journal keeps me company. She listens without judgement, she just lets me pour my heart, and brain, out without any prejudice. And that always makes things a lot better.

3. Truth is, I am not a good talker. So I always prefer writing.

4. Writing is just the perfect exercise for my left hand. 🙂

5. I write for my own personal satisfaction. I always feel happy and accomplished whenever I see another page of my journal, or maybe two or three depending on my mood, filled with words of my own hand-writing penned in blue ink.

6. I write to record something. I don’t trust my not-so-sharp memory so I write to immortalize something that happened that I don’t want to but might forget in the not-so-distant future.

7. I write to validate my reality.

8.  Basically, people write to express a feeling, a thought, or an opinion that we strongly felt or believed in. Writing it on paper is like making it tangible for other people, allowing them to see it, to touch it, and even feel it.

9. Some people write to entertain, sometimes other people, but most of the time themselves.

10. The ultimate reason why people write letters is to communicate, to make connections. We write to survive the deafening silence of loneliness, to break walls of indifference and build bridges of love and hope.

11. We write to tell a story. Ours or story of others that touched us, inspired us, made us a better person.

12. I write to feel.

13. We write to think, to clear the mind.

14. We write to be free. Writing is freedom.

15. I write to dream.

16. Sometimes we write because we need to. There is nothing left to do but write…

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