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wednesday’s who ~ daughters…

Daughter, you are loved for the little girl you were…

the special woman you are now…

and the wonderful daughter you will always be.

                                              – Anonymous

Before she even learned to appreciate music, it was her mother’s lullabies that sent her to sleep.

Before she ever dreamt of some cute boy, it was her father’s butterfly kisses that lulled her to dreamland.

Before she uttered any other word, Mama and Papa are her two favorites.

Before she ever became a sister, a wife, a mother or a grandmother, she was first and foremost a daughter.

A daughter who was cuddled and adored by her parents…

She came into their lives unknowingly, bringing with her chaos, the good kind, and happiness. She was a little witch who, with her tiny clutching fingers, held her father’s hand and effortlessly put him under her spell. Her naught and giggles broke all his defenses into ruins. Her mischief and sobs turned his world upside down. She was a small delicate thing who, with her big beautiful eyes, captured her mother’s heart and bewitched her. Her laughter was music to her ears. Her small feats made tremendous ripples in her life. She was a Papa’s girl. She loved doing everything with him. She was his little princess. He was her first love. She was her mother’s pet. She delighted in those looks of silent pride and nods of approval. She was her first role model. She loved her unconditionally. Her world was small. It revolved around them.  Simple and uncomplicated. Where promises were kept and happiness was just within reach. Within her touch of comfort. Within his whispers of solace. Then she learned many things. Thought she knew better, better than them. Her eyes were opened, her horizon expanded. Her new world became bigger, wider, farther. With more people in it, of new faces and different voices. She outgrew them.   Until she drifted away, so far away from those two people who granted her wings so she could go and fly beyond those skylines. She made mistakes. Lots of them to last her a lifetime. Disappointments. Disagreements. Letting-them-downs. Selfishness. Stubbornness. A cold, cold heart that refused to understand.  Unyielding. Uncompromising. Unwilling to concede. She even rebelled hurting them in the process. A silent revolution of her own making. Waged war against something blur, indefinable. A rebel with an unjustifiable cause. A cause she’d forgotten even before the war began. But continued firing and fighting anyway, aimlessly. Then she learned again. Really learned this time. After all those stumbling-downs, she learned nevertheless. And realized she owed them apologies. For hurting them, unaware or otherwise. For making life a bit miserable and sad for them. For not listening to them. For deliberately misunderstanding them.  Then she was forgiven. Again and again. And again. Reminding her of that unconditional love she used to know so well.

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