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wednesday’s who ~ Kenshin Himura

I don’t even remember how many times I watched the Samurai X series be it dubbed in English (Channel 23) or Filipino (Channel 2). What I clearly do remember is the excitement, the thrill of anticipation every time I sat in front of our TV set to have another dose of Kenshin’s antics. It didn’t matter if the episode was a replay, the feeling was the same.

Kenshin Himura is a scarred man, literally and figuratively, who struggles against his dark past. From a child who witnessed his adopted family’s tragic death to a man who faced deceit in its ugliest and most painful form, he waded his way out of his old miseries and strived to live his life again. He became a wanderer willing to help anyone who crossed his path as atonement for all the mistakes he thought he committed. Until he met Kauro. Finally he was home. He found a family who accepts him for all that he is, wholeheartedly. A family whom he loves to destruction.

Kenshin is a walking contradiction. At a glance, he is a gentle and harmless red head man in red kimono carrying a reverse-edged sword. In reality, he was a legendary assassin who, at such a young age, served the Japan Government during Meiji Era and killed many people. He smiles cheerfully but fights lethally like a cold-blooded killer that he was. He is generous at giving comfort and protection to others but reluctant at receiving them. He loves deeply but never expects others to love him. And sometimes never allow those people who love him to love him the way he should be loved.

 “I don’t know why but I was drawn to him… and then I love him. Yes, I love him for all that he is. Scarred and wounded, he is still beautiful. Haunted by a past he so wanted to forget but can’t seem to let go. The guilt, the remorse, regrets and hurts, I feel them… I feel for him… and then I love him. I love him when he looks innocently with those questioning eyes, unaware of what’s happening around him, with honest wonderment and amusement of a child. And then he smiles, the sun shines. I hate it when he blames himself for all the things in the past and punishes himself for that. Thinking that he doesn’t deserve to be happy, to be loved. That made him a little insensitive at times, hurting the people who love him so. I admire him for being so kind, for trying to help the people around him, especially those he cares for. And then I love him. His flaws and faults. His past and his future. His peace and serenity. His fears and insecurities. His beliefs and convictions. His war within himself. I don’t know why, I just do love him…”

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